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Pittaluga Static MixersFounded in 1954, Dr. B. Pittaluga & C. s.r.l. the exclusive licensees in Europe for CHARLES ROSS & SON CO. New York, USA, a major leader in mixing technology, have been manufacturing these same products on their own after redeeming the license in 2001.

Since then, to meet growing customers' requirements new state-of-the-art models were developed to offer a comprehensive range of mixers and mixer heat exchangers and a wide choice of geometries.

To provide the high quality and very short lead-times required by today's industry, process design, mechanical calculations, documentation, intermediate and final tests are carried out by the team of engineers at Dr. B. Pittaluga while manufacturing is outsourced to a number of highly specialized and qualified workshops.

Quality assuranceQuality Assurance
Certification to UNI-ISO-EN 9001 has been obtained in 2009.
Our selected production partners are certified to UNI-ISO-EN 9000 and U-Stamp.
Also see our Company policy.

Products and services

RefineryWe provide process design, mechanical calculations, technical literature, intermediate and final tests, and quality assurance regarding mechanical Static Mixers and Mixer Heat Exchangers for the following industries:
  • Water Treatment
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Food
  • Polymers
  • Polymer Processing (Injection Moulding, Extrusion)
  • Man-made Fibers


Construction materials

Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Special Alloys,


A selection of our main customers
AFROS CANNON S.p.A.Italypolyurethanes plants
AKZO NOBELItalychemicals & polymers
AMUT S.p.A.Italyextruders
ANSALDO S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
ATO HAAS S.p.A.Italypolymers
ATZWANGER S.p.A.Italywater treatment
BAYER AGGermanychemicals & polymers
BASF AGGermanychemicals & polymers
BRAN & LUEBBEGermanymetering pumps
CIBA S.p.A.Italychemicals
CULLIGAN ITALIANA S.p.A.Italywater treatment
DE NORA S.p.A.Italychlorine-soda plants
DEGREMONT S.A.Francewater treatment
DOW CHINAChinapolymers
DOW ITALY S.p.A.Italypolymers
DOW TURKEYTurkeypolymers
ELASTOGRAN ITALY S.p.AItalypolyurethanes plants
ENICHEM MANTOVAItalypolystyrene
ESSO ITALIANA S.p.A.Italyrefinery
HONG KONG PETROCHEM. CO.Hong Kongpolystyrene
IMPIANTI OMS S.p.A.Italypolyurethanes plants
JOHN BROWN BVHollandengineering contractor
KTI S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
KRUPP UHDEGermanyengineering contractor
LEPETIT S.p.A.Italychemicals
NUOVA RAYON S.p.A.Italyviscose fibre producer
ITALPRODUCTS S.p.A.Italyextruders
ONDEO DEGREMONTItalywater treatment
ONDEO DEGREMONTFrancewater treatment
O.T.V.Francewater treatment
PIRELLI CAVI S.p.A.Italyelectrical cables
SNAICO Engineering S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
SIDA S.p.A.Italywater treatment
SOIMI S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
SOLVAY S.A.Belgiumchemicals & polymers
SNAMPROGETTI S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
TABRIZ PETROCHEMICAL CO.Iranchemicals & polymers
TECHINT S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
TECNIMONT S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
TECHNIPETROL S.p.A.Italyengineering contractor
TECHNIP S.A.Franceengineering contractor
TERMOMECCANICA S.p.A.Italywater treatment



COMPANY POLICYDr. B. Pittaluga & C. s.r.l. management is fully committed to reach Customer' s Satisfaction, as well as all other related Parties (Shareholders, Employees, Suppliers). Entrepreneurship is the driving force, by means of investing all resources needed to reach such a target.

In detail Dr. B. Pittaluga & C. s.r.l. sets the following quality targets:
  • supply products made by the State-of-the-Art technologies, following the most updated Scientific Research;
  • reach the planned budget targets;
  • involve all Employees in a continuous improvement of products and services;
  • make Clients aware of the quality of our work, by means of a transparent communication able to transmit a positive image of Dr. B. Pittaluga & C. s.r.l.;
  • make Clients sure that we are a trustworthy and technically full fledged partner, having them recommending us to other, and boost Dr. B. Pittaluga & C. s.r.l. growth;
  • monitor our customers' satisfaction in accordance with a planned procedure, and utilize the feedback to improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • handle quickly and correctly Clients' complains, analyzing them in our management team to implement corrective actions;
  • reach partnership procedures with Suppliers;
  • respect explicit and implicit contractual obligations;
  • respect Health and Safety norms, in all the production phases;
  • respect Products Safety norms;
  • respect Environment Care laws.
Dr. B. Pittaluga & C. s.r.l. management is fully committed to:
  • translate all the above targets in a way that they are concrete and measurable;
  • deliver yearly level of achievement, fixing new targets for the following year.
Execution of the Company Policy is a direct responsibility of General Management.

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