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VP static mixerVP static mixers
Designed for soluble liquid blending and for immiscible liquid dispersing. Excellent mixing performances under turbulent and transitional flow conditions.
Suitable for gas-gas and gas-liquid mixing too. Download VP static mixer brochure in English.
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XP static mixerXP static mixers
featuring best geometry for inline mixing of viscous liquids in laminar flow conditions.
Download XP brochure in English.
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X and XL static mixersX and XL static mixers
The traditional static mixers for turbulent flow conditions, suitable for sludges and liquids that would plug up a normal static mixer.
Download X and XL brochure in English.
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WP static mixersWP static mixers
WP is the most economical static mixer for polyelectrolite preparation plants and for additives dilution. This series ranges from the NPS 20 to the NPS 50, in PP, PVDF and in PVC.
Download WP brochure in English.
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XPS-E ThermoprofilerXPS-E Thermoprofiler
Made of 17-4 PH steel, its main application field is in Polymer production and extrusion. Its mechanical strength is several times higher than normal stainless steel. UNBREAKABLE !
Download XPS-E Thermoprofilers brochure in English.

XPS-I and HH mixing nozzlesXPS-I and HH Mixing Nozzles
for injection moulding to solve your plasticizing problems and obtain a perfect distribution of colour and additives.
Download XPS-I mixing nozzle brochure in English.
Download HH mixing nozzle brochure in English.

heat exchangerHeat exchangers
For heating and cooling viscous products. High heat exchange coefficient.
Choice among several design profiles, X, XP, KP, RP, XPL, or VP
to cover all your processing requirements.
Download mixer heat-exchanger brochure in English.


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